We are bound to forget past events and people that shape our lives, but when you have a picture of those events and peoples, the memory will not disappear. In this digital era, we get access to lots of pictures because we can capture moments using digital cameras and phones. The arrangements of images evoke feels and rekindles memories and therefore, you need to have a way of presenting the pictures in a manner that they are meant to tell a story. The art of picture collage blanket has been around for quite some time, but you need to have some tips to do it correctly. The following guide would prove helpful in the process of making picture collage blanket.


Get organized - At a look at the collection of pictures you have and decide on the theme of the blanket. This is usually a tough decision considering that you have several pictures and they are not in any particular order. When you have a theme, then you can proceed to the next steps with lots of ease.


Divide them evenly - The appearances of people on the picture collage blanket at should be proportionate. It would be monotonous to have a single person appearing in all parts of the blanket if the collage blanket was meant for the entire family. Some kids might go to the extent of counting the number of appearances they have on the picture collage blanket.


Shuffle the pictures - There should be no predetermined criteria of posting the pictures. It is fun when the photos appear randomly than when they are arranged. Perhaps this is the only place where we encourage disorder, and the results are fantastic. Shuffle the pictures as much as you can. Get more information here!


Use the front and back of the blanket - Space should not be a problem suppose you chose a theme that has several pictures. You should not restrict yourself to using only one side of the blanket, and you can add several images on both sides so that it accommodates all of them. Having pictures on both sides of the blanket would be interesting. To know more about photo blankets, you may read more at



Edit the photos - Do not forget about your creativity and at this point, it is much needed. Edit the photos that you are going to use. You can crop them, resize them and add shade so that they look attractive and it will not be a tedious task as you might think. In fact, the most challenging part was selecting the photos and editing will take you less time compared to choosing the pictures.